Serving the Central Coast

Building on successful relationships with the City of Soledad, Fort Hunter Liggett, Camp Roberts, and a handful of private developers, we opened this office as our commitment to continually improve our service to them. Our hope is to expand our services to other municipal and private clients along the Central Coast, duplicating the successful client partnerships we've had since 1979 in the Central Valley.

Whether you’re based in Watsonville or San Luis Obispo, or if you have a simple surveying project or comprehensive water distribution system that needs significant improvement, we want to become your go-to resource across San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties.


To serve our Central Coast clients, the following team has been assembled due to their successful management and implementation of many projects in the area. They have support from the entire Yamabe & Horn organization given our streamlined communications and project management systems that are securely accessible from any location in California. Feel free to check out our complete scope of services here to see how we can serve many of your engineering needs.

Brandon Broussard
Brandon Broussard
Brandon provides project guidance for residential, agricultural, and military projects while overseeing the Municipal Engineering services provided by Y&H.
Ryan Rabbon
Ryan Rabbon
Ryan serves as Yamabe & Horn’s Branch Civil Engineer and main contact and is dedicated to the design and construction oversight for all Municipal client projects.
David Jayne
David Jayne
David is responsible for all phases of land surveying requirements of land development projects. He prepares and oversees the preparation of tract maps, parcel maps, record of surveys, lot line adjustments, ALTA/ACSM survey maps and easement exhibit maps.

Central Coast Clients

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