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  • Del Norte Sewer Trunk

    Project Overview Project Details As Kerman has expanded under Yamabe & Horn’s role as City Engineer, the Del Norte Sewer Trunk was an obvious candidate for expansion to increase capacity following the City Master Plan. The project added a parallel trunk 2,500 feet in length with a 24” diameter sewer main. It crossed Union Pacific […]
  • Fancher Creek Storm Basin Pipeline

    Project Overview Project Details As a requirement of the subdivision development of the Fancher Creek Business Park on Belmont Avenue between Fowler Avenue and Armstrong Avenue, creation of a storm basin and pipeline was completed. The pipeline started west of Fowler adjacent to the storm basin, measuring 72-inches in diameter, crossing the Fowler Avenue intersection […]
  • Vandenberg AFB Pipeline Reconstruction

    Project Overview Project Details Having been in operation since 1957, Vandenberg Air Force Base has grown to support over 3,300 onsite residents, including thousands more that commute to the base daily. With growth spanning 57 years, the infrastructure of the base has been expanded quite haphazardly, resulting in numerous weaknesses throughout. Yamabe & Horn completed […]
  • Kings River Pipeline Survey

    Project Overview The City of Fresno’s plan to expand their water treatment capabilities involved a Surface Water Treatment Facility to be created in Southeast Fresno on Olive and Armstrong Avenues. Project Details Yamabe & Horn were tasked with providing survey data for all right-of-way, topographic, and utility information along the 12 mile freshwater pipeline project. […]
  • Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility

    Project Overview The City of Fresno Project Details As a sub-consultant to Carollo Engineers, Yamabe & Horn provided on-going development and design of the offsite improvements to Floradora Avenue, Armstrong Avenue, and Olive Avenue required for the construction of the City’s proposed SESWTF. Specifically, Yamabe & Horn delivered plan & profile design in Olive Avenue, […]

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