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The Alphabet Streets Reconstruction Project in Selma, CA, is a comprehensive civil engineering initiative with a construction cost of approximately $2.2 million. The project, situated between Orange Ave, McCall Ave, Floral Ave, and Rose Ave, involved the removal and reconstruction of the street surface, including asphalt overlay and cape seals over a 420,000 square feet area. Additionally, it addressed ADA accessibility and connectivity issues by replacing defective existing improvements and constructing 51 curb ramps and 10,100 square feet of sidewalk.

The project also reconstructed 20 storm drain inlets and implemented enhanced striping and signage for public and children safety, particularly near an elementary school. Furthermore, high visibility crosswalks and 20 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs), featuring large visible signage, LED-based light sources and push-button activation, were installed to improve pedestrian safety at controlled and uncontrolled intersections.

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