In October, 2019, Shinzen Friendship Garden was invited to a meeting with staff members of California Health Sciences University to discuss the Green Legacy Hiroshima Peace Tree Project. Yamabe & Horn Engineering’s co-founder Ronald Yamabe is the current sitting President of the Shinzen Friendship Garden in Fresno.

The group was advised that thru a conversation between Miho Yoshida and Dr. Miko Rose, Assistant Professor, Department of Adult Psychiatry, Michigan State University, at a university conference in Denver, Colorado, there is a GLH Initiative, a global volunteer campaign to disseminate the universal message of trees that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. Currently seeds and saplings for the A-bombed trees are growing in more than 30 countries.

The trees are being planted around the world to promote peace, harmony and goodwill.

Ronald Yamabe
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Veterans Memorial Plaza had been in the works for more than 12 years, as the land for the park had been dedicated to the City of Sanger with a 2006 subdivision. The park was always envisioned as a memorial for Sanger veterans, and a Veterans Advisory Committee was formed early on to develop the conceptual design. The end product was a park that the community could be proud of, as the large turnout at the park’s ribbon cutting ceremony could attest.

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Yamabe & Horn is now the proud owner of the coveted golden calculator for placing first in the Co-Ed Engineer’s Softball League! Congratulations to the team on the victory and thank you to our Assistant Engineer/Coach Kenny Reyes for all his hard work.

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Yamabe & Horn once again participated in the Toys for Tots Drive to benefit less fortunate children in the community. Each year from Mid-November through Mid-December, the Fresno Younger Member Forum (YMF) of ASCE coordinates the distribution of Toys for Tots boxes to engineering companies in the Fresno Area. Local companies and YMF members are encouraged to participate in this U.S. Marine Corps. program by helping to fill the boxes at their offices.

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Yamabe & Horn Engineering is proud to announce that the City Council of Kerman has approved Jerry Jones succeeding Gary Horn as City Engineer, as of January 1st 2015.

Gary Horn is the co-founder of Yamabe & Horn and has worked as the Kerman City Engineer since 1993, enjoying many successes. Most notably, Gary played an integral part in the Kerman City water system expansion project in 2007. The City Engineer was tasked with the large problem of finding adequate water storage for a town that had existing Uranium contamination. Yamabe & Horn worked to identify solutions and succeeded in receiving $3.1 M in state funding to replace the existing water system and streamline water storage and usage functionality.

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If you or your client plan on making improvements to an existing building this year in California, we need to be aware of the required Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements that you’ll need to include. All businesses open to the public are subject to Title III of the ADA law requiring equal access and barrier removal on a constant basis. When alterations are made to an existing building in California, the work must follow the California Building Code (CBC). This code includes the guidelines established by the ADA, but also adds additional requirements for access. The elements within the scope of the alteration must completely meet the accessible requirements. One portion of the CBC addresses how to make existing buildings more accessible. Section 11B-202.4 of the CBC sets out the requirement to provide an accessible path of travel to area of the building alteration.

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We are proud to announce that Yamabe & Horn have been named runner-up in this year’s Business Journal “Best Engineering Firm” category. Our mention in the “Best of Central Valley Business” issue illustrates our continued focus on improving and strengthening the Central Valley in both private and municipal engineering projects.  With over 35 years of experience, we are proud to have this recognition and reminder that we are still delivering on our core values.

Says co-founder Gary Horn, “Ron (Yamabe) and I started this in 1979 and our goal was to make it to 5 years. To be in our 35th year now is simply amazing, especially since we’re growing faster now than ever before!”

With the recent addition of our second location in Soledad, we are striving to provide our full suite of offerings to clients throughout the Central Coast, making the Yamabe & Horn brand even stronger.  One of our Principals, Brandon Broussard notes that, “we’re very excited to have opened our first remote branch this year, located on the Central Coast to help serve our growing client base over there, including the City of SoledadCamp Roberts, and Vandenberg AFB.” With a wide range of services offered, from commercial grading and drainage to private development wastewater control and treatment facilities, Yamabe & Horn has enjoyed tremendous growth.

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The Y&H team has enjoyed working with the Kern County staff on the newest Station for the Kern County Fire Department.  The County held a Ribbon Cutting ceremony this month to celebrate.  More information on the station can be seen on the Tulare County News site.  Y&H provided general civil engineering, mountain hydrology calculations, storm runoff hydraulics, bridge culverts and ADA compliance services.  Due to potentially excessive storm runoff from the terrain south of the station, two major storm channels were designed on-site.  The western channel naturally separates the station, and fire trucks, from the main public road.  The design solution chosen to solve the issues were three individual CONTECH Arch culverts.  The culverts allowed for the designed storm capacity, while providing access for the large trucks and keeping a low profile over the channel.

(Fresno, CA) Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc. proudly announces the addition of a fifth principal to the executive team, the first addition to this team in ten years. Josh Rogers, a senior project manager, joined the firm in 2007, after working with Quad Knopf and CalTrans. Mr. Rogers currently functions as the City Engineer for the City of Sanger, a long time client of Yamabe & Horn.

“Josh has proven to be an outstanding asset to the team, leveraging his strong network within the Central Valley. In addition, he brings a deep knowledge of what it takes to get complex municipal projects through public works departments and CalTrans. Clients find the assistance of Josh to be invaluable,” David Horn, spokesperson for Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc., explains.

Yamabe & Horn works with a wide range of clients, including municipal, institutional, and commercial organizations. Residential developers turn to Yamabe & Horn for their development projects, while the in-house Certified Access Specialist assists local businesses in need of help when it comes to accessibility and ADA compliance. Others benefiting from the services of this company include traffic projects and those in need of land surveying.

“When you have an engineering project of any type, don’t hesitate to call on our firm. We’ll sit down with you to determine your needs and how we may fill them. We never make use of a one-size fits all approach, choosing to develop solutions based on the client’s needs and budget,” Horn continues.

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Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc. announced the opening of its new office in Soledad, in the Central Coast region of California. This office allows both municipal and private development clients from San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz to easily access our Central Coast engineering services.

“Our Salinas engineering services bring our full suite of offerings close to our Central Coast customers and allow us to respond to their needs much more quickly. This will help them to get all types of large projects completed in an efficient and timely way,” said Ryan Rabbon, Branch Engineer of Yamabe & Horn Engineering.

These services are far-reaching, and are needed for a wide variety of projects. Municipalities often hire the firm for a variety of civil engineering and municipal surveying tasks. These include public works expansions, master planning for water, sewer, and storm drainage, federally-funded transportation projects, and more.

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