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Construction begins for “The Avenue at Heritage Grove” in Clovis, CA

The construction of “The Avenue at Heritage Grove” project has commenced in Clovis, CA, situated at the intersection of Shepherd Avenue and Willow Avenue. Spanning across 4.8 acres of retail area, the project aims to introduce a vibrant commercial space to the community. In its initial phase, the construction focuses on erecting three distinct retail/commercial buildings, comprising two single-story structures and one two-story building. These buildings are designed to feature outdoor common areas equipped with inviting patios and fireplaces, enhancing the overall ambiance and attractiveness of the development. Additionally, meticulous attention is being paid to the provision of ample parking, with a total of 168 parking stalls allocated to accommodate visitors and customers effectively.

As construction progresses, the project is poised to become a focal point within the local area, offering a modern and inviting destination for businesses and patrons alike. The combination of well-designed buildings and thoughtfully incorporated outdoor spaces underscores the commitment to creating a dynamic commercial hub that harmonizes with the surrounding community. With the first phase underway, anticipation builds for the completion of “The Avenue”, which promises to contribute significantly to the economic and social landscape of Clovis, CA.