Chowchilla Alley Reconstruction Project

Yamabe & Horn Engineering led a civil engineering, surveying, and construction project in the City of Chowchilla, completed in March 2024, with a total cost of $871,000. The project aimed to enhance existing dirt alleys by providing asphalt surfacing and drainage facilities, improving accessibility for public utilities like trash and water services. Funding was sourced from the Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), Local Gas Tax, and Measure T Tax.

The project involved constructing 3,800 linear feet of alley reconstruction with concrete valley gutters, adjusting 72 public utility facilities’ to finished grade, and constructing 14 concrete alley driveway approaches. Challenges included coordinating with homeowners for fence relocation and rear property access, resolving existing utility conflicts, and coordinating construction with trash and public utility services. Yamabe & Horn Engineering’s involvement encompassed preparing the CMAQ funding application, providing design and construction engineering services, managing federal funding, and overseeing project execution, including communication with contractors and inspections.

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