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  • Del Norte Sewer Trunk

    Project Overview Project Details As Kerman has expanded under Yamabe & Horn’s role as City Engineer, the Del Norte Sewer Trunk was an obvious candidate for expansion to increase capacity following the City Master Plan. The project added a parallel trunk 2,500 feet in length with a 24” diameter sewer main. It crossed Union Pacific […]
  • Fancher Creek Storm Basin Pipeline

    Project Overview Project Details As a requirement of the subdivision development of the Fancher Creek Business Park on Belmont Avenue between Fowler Avenue and Armstrong Avenue, creation of a storm basin and pipeline was completed. The pipeline started west of Fowler adjacent to the storm basin, measuring 72-inches in diameter, crossing the Fowler Avenue intersection […]
  • Vandenberg AFB Pipeline Reconstruction

    Project Overview Project Details Having been in operation since 1957, Vandenberg Air Force Base has grown to support over 3,300 onsite residents, including thousands more that commute to the base daily. With growth spanning 57 years, the infrastructure of the base has been expanded quite haphazardly, resulting in numerous weaknesses throughout. Yamabe & Horn completed […]
  • Kings River Pipeline Survey

    Project Overview The City of Fresno’s plan to expand their water treatment capabilities involved a Surface Water Treatment Facility to be created in Southeast Fresno on Olive and Armstrong Avenues. Project Details Yamabe & Horn were tasked with providing survey data for all right-of-way, topographic, and utility information along the 12 mile freshwater pipeline project. […]
  • Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility

    Project Overview The City of Fresno Project Details As a sub-consultant to Carollo Engineers, Yamabe & Horn provided on-going development and design of the offsite improvements to Floradora Avenue, Armstrong Avenue, and Olive Avenue required for the construction of the City’s proposed SESWTF. Specifically, Yamabe & Horn delivered plan & profile design in Olive Avenue, […]
  • South Fresno Business Park Traffic Impact Study

    Project Overview Denken Farms is developing a 122 acre heavy industrial business park on the north west corner of Central and Orange Avenues in south Fresno. The area has drawn significant attention by international distributors given the close proximity to State Route 99, including FedEx. Project Details Yamabe and Horn was brought on to handle […]
  • FedEx Surveying & Traffic Impact Study

    Project Overview Kettleman City is an important hub for distribution throughout the state of California given its central location between Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as being immediately off Interstate 5. FedEx decided to strike while the property values in the area had plummeted from the recession in 2008 and built out a […]
  • San Joaquin Park Class Bike Path

    Working as the City Engineer, Yamabe & Horn was able to secure Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant funding to create a 10’ wide asphalt bike path near an existing park. The location was selected because it connected a previously inaccessible residential neighborhood to the park. Once funding was secured from the Fresno Council of […]
  • Orange Cove Railway Class Bike Path

    Working as the City Engineer, Yamabe & Horn secured Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant funding to create a 10’ wide asphalt bike path over an abandoned railway. The City Council had identified the opportunity to reclaim the railway, creating a high value amenity for the city residents to use year round. After securing the […]
  • City of Soledad Front Street Reconstruction

    Project Origin Front Street from Hector de la Rosa Street to Nestles Road was the old Highway 101 through the City of Soledad, constructed out of concrete. As the segment of the highway was relinquished to the City and converted into the primary business route, layers of asphalt concrete were overlaid on top of the […]
  • Camp Roberts Low Water Bridge Reconstruction

    Project Origin Camp Roberts is divided by the Nacimiento River, with the operations facilities and housing located to the south, and the training ranges on the north. The primary bridge to cross the river is the high-water-bridge and is the shortest path between the training ranges and the facilities on the south. In 2009, the high-water-bridge […]
  • Orange Cove SR2S Sidewalk Project

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Orange Cove since 2001, Yamabe & Horn secured federal funding through the Safe Routes To School program to improve the sidewalks, curbs, and gutters on Adams, C and 4th Streets between McCord and Conner Elementary Schools. Yamabe & Horn were responsible for […]
  • Orange Cove CMAQ Sidewalk Project

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Orange Cove since 2001, Yamabe & Horn secured federal funding through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program to improve the sidewalks, curbs, and gutters on B and D Streets between McCord and Conner Elementary Schools. Yamabe & Horn was responsible […]
  • Fresno’s Herndon Widening

    Project Overview Working with Public Works department in the City of Fresno, Yamabe & Horn designed and inspected the construction of improvements on Herndon Avenue, expanding it from four to six lanes as well as reconstructing the intersection at Van Ness Avenue to accommodate traffic better. Project Origin The City of Fresno had been working […]
  • Fashion Fair Mall Expansion

    Project Overview Having recently been acquired by the publicly traded retail property development company, Macerich, the expansion of Fashion Fair Mall was the most significant construction project to occur on the property since its creation in 1970. The expansion added two retail strips to the north from the central entry way of the original mall. […]
  • Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband

    Project Overview The Central Valley Independent Network (CVIN) of telecommunication providers approached Yamabe & Horn due to their roles as the City Engineer for the City of Orange Cove, as the Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband project would cross through City limits. Because of Yamabe & Horn’s extensive experience with CalTrans for regional projects, CVIN added […]
  • Grundfos Environmental Impact Reduction

    Project Overview Yamabe & Horn designed a water reclamation system to help reduce the environmental impact of the Grundfos facility in Fresno, California. Given the advanced strategies implemented in the project, Yamabe & Horn had to juggle coordination with City of Fresno Public Works & Water Division, Fresno Irrigation District and the Fresno Metropolitan Flood […]
  • Orange Cove Water Meters

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Orange Cove since 2001, Yamabe & Horn led the project to install water meters throughout the 1,900 water service locations within the City. Their role was comprehensive, handling the funding requirements, designing the system and managing the construction phase. Project Origin In […]
  • Chevron Station

    Y&H began working on this site in 2004 with the property owner and developer. Once the parcel map was recorded, we were asked to provide civil engineering for the improvement plans for the Chevron site. Plans were prepared and approved by the City of Fresno. We were fortunate to have been contracted to provide the […]
  • AHDC Survey

    Y&H surveyed and designed numerous apartment complexes throughout California during the 80’s and 90’s for AHDC. The client was refinancing the 15 year mortgages and needed ALTA Surveys. Due to the critical escrow closing date, the research, site visits and survey updates happened very quickly. We were able to meet the timeline and satisfy the […]
  • Kearney Boulevard Median Project

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Kerman, Yamabe & Horn pursued and secured Federal funding in the amount of $864,000 to significantly improve a one-half mile section of the City’s primary east-west corridor, Kearney Boulevard. The role was comprehensive and also included designing the improvements, managing bids, administrating […]
  • Manning Sewer Main

    Project Overview When the City of San Joaquin expanded their Wastewater Treatment Plant, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) funds were obtained to replace a half mile of the City’s existing 16” VCP sewer outfall trunk main with a new 24” PVC main. The outfall trunk main conveys wastewater from the city to the Manning […]
  • Orange Cove’s First Traffic Signal

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Orange Cove since 2001, Yamabe & Horn secured a Safe Routes to School grant in 2008 to be used for the improvement of the intersection and installation of the City’s first traffic signal. Given their involved longstanding relationship with the City, they were responsible […]
  • John F. Kennedy Park

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Sanger since 1987, Yamabe & Horn secured State Parks and Community Development Block Grants in 2001 to be used for the creation of a robust neighborhood park with many innovative features outlined below. They were responsible for every stage of development, from […]
  • Kerman Water System Expansion

    Project Overview Working under contract as the City Engineer for the City of Kerman, Yamabe and Horn secured State funding in the amount of $3.1MM to expand the water system serving the City residents. The role was comprehensive and included the design, bid management, contractor oversight and inspection over a multi-phase improvement schedule. Project Origin […]
  • Sanger GPS Land Survey

    Project Overview With the recent boom in growth, the City of Sanger recognized the need for an updated GIS map for the entire City, allowing for a more accurate basemap and updated citywide aerial photo, allowing for improved management of public works and planning data. Having received a grant to complete the project, Y&H handled […]
  • Sierra Vista Mall Surveying

    Project Overview The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has established a set of land surveying standards to promote uniformity in survey information, especially when it comes to establishing ownership boundaries and title issues. During a financial transaction for the Sierra Vista Mall in 2007, the owner retained Y&H to complete an ALTA Survey prior to […]
  • Lost Hills Solar Surveying

    Project Overview Working with Cenergy Solar, a local agriculture focused solar energy systems provider, Y&H was initially brought on to help establish location and direction data for the installation of the system. Their role quickly grew as they interacted with Kern County staff and helped the property owner navigate additional requirements that they had not […]
  • Palmdon Drive

    Project Overview The southeast corner of Palm and Herndon was developed into multiple retail sites made accessible through the creation of a frontage road that was functionally named Palmdon Drive. Having worked with the developer Lance Kashian and Company successfully in the past, Yamabe & Horn was brought in to handle numerous components of the […]
  • Northpointe Business Park

    Project Overview The south border of Fresno’s city limit has historically been an industrial zone, ideal for its close location to Highway 99 and the train depots that collect from the Union Pacific and BNSF lines. As large distribution centers grew in demand from regional and national companies expanding in the area, developing the readily […]
  • Clovis & Herndon Retail Development

    Project Overview The west side of the Clovis Avenue and Herndon Avenue intersection had sat undeveloped for years, even after Highway 168 was built up and produced significant traffic with on- and off-ramps immediately to the west. In 2003, both the north and south corners were developed into retail centers, with Starbucks occupying the north […]
  • Fancher Creek Roundabout

    Project Overview The Fancher Creek development in southeast Fresno is a significant commercial project aimed at dramatically improving retail resources in the mature area. Working with the developer, Facher Creek Properties, Yamabe & Horn was involved in developing the sitemap, utilities, service infrastructure and flood relief design. They were also involved in developing super-pads for […]
  • Lennar Traffic Impact Study

    Project Overview Yamabe & Horn has a longstanding relationship with the Central Valley division of the national home builder, Lennar, having worked on many of their projects over the past decade. Lennar recently acquired 15 acres in Fresno on the northwest corner of Armstrong and Dakota and began developing it into a 93 lot residential […]

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