The Y&H team has enjoyed working with the Kern County staff on the newest Station for the Kern County Fire Department.  The County held a Ribbon Cutting ceremony this month to celebrate.  More information on the station can be seen on the Tulare County News site.  Y&H provided general civil engineering, mountain hydrology calculations, storm runoff hydraulics, bridge culverts and ADA compliance services.  Due to potentially excessive storm runoff from the terrain south of the station, two major storm channels were designed on-site.  The western channel naturally separates the station, and fire trucks, from the main public road.  The design solution chosen to solve the issues were three individual CONTECH Arch culverts.  The culverts allowed for the designed storm capacity, while providing access for the large trucks and keeping a low profile over the channel.

(Fresno, CA) Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc. proudly announces the addition of a fifth principal to the executive team, the first addition to this team in ten years. Josh Rogers, a senior project manager, joined the firm in 2007, after working with Quad Knopf and CalTrans. Mr. Rogers currently functions as the City Engineer for the City of Sanger, a long time client of Yamabe & Horn.

“Josh has proven to be an outstanding asset to the team, leveraging his strong network within the Central Valley. In addition, he brings a deep knowledge of what it takes to get complex municipal projects through public works departments and CalTrans. Clients find the assistance of Josh to be invaluable,” David Horn, spokesperson for Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc., explains.

Yamabe & Horn works with a wide range of clients, including municipal, institutional, and commercial organizations. Residential developers turn to Yamabe & Horn for their development projects, while the in-house Certified Access Specialist assists local businesses in need of help when it comes to accessibility and ADA compliance. Others benefiting from the services of this company include traffic projects and those in need of land surveying.

“When you have an engineering project of any type, don’t hesitate to call on our firm. We’ll sit down with you to determine your needs and how we may fill them. We never make use of a one-size fits all approach, choosing to develop solutions based on the client’s needs and budget,” Horn continues.

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